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July 28, 2021 -- Repurpose your Space -- ISCorp Colocation

As office spaces across the country begin to fill back up, organizations are looking for ways to repurpose. The best way to do so is finding a new home for your business-critical infrastructure. Mission-critical data stored in-house can be a liability well beyond just digital security, it can quickly consume vast amounts of space that could otherwise be used to help open up the workspace for health and safety protocols, create new areas for innovation,  customer experience and much more.


Let’s make it simple. Eliminate your on-site data center.


With ISCorp’s Secure Colocation Solution it really is just that simple. ISCorp is a US-based provider of colocation services. Born out of the rigorous requirements of the financial services industry in 1987, ISCorp has been delivering colocation services built on reliability, security, and availability for over 20 years.


Learn more about how ISCorp’s Colocation Service can help you put focus back on your business. Not on IT.

July 6, 2021 -- Wentworth Computers partners with ISCorp as their Managed Cloud

This partnership will provide Wentworth Computers Limited customers with a custom architected Managed Secure Private Cloud environment built jointly by the Wentworth and ISCorp technical teams.

LONDON, July 6, 2021 – ISCorp announced today they have been chosen to be Wentworth Computers (London, United Kingdom) managed cloud provider. ISCorp’s unique offering of a Managed Secure Private Cloud environment, dep knowledge of Progress OpenEdge, along with their global reach provides Wentworth an enhanced ability to support their current customers and new opportunities for growth through a SaaS model.


“As a business we needed to offer a SaaS solution to clients, we are delighted with the results so far having chosen ISCorp as our Cloud partner. ISCorp emersed themselves to fully understand our technical offering and are therefore able to provide support to us and our clients all the way to the application level.” Graham Kumm, Managing Director at Wentworth Computers Limited.


ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud Solution was built for Independent Software Vendors like Wentworth Computers, providing a reliable, secure and highly-available private cloud solution built in conjunction with the Wentworth team to provide the best platform to enable all end users.


“ISCorp is very excited to be partnering with Wentworth Computers. Wentworth shares our desire to provide the best possible product to its customers. This partnership is a proven step forward in our commitment to truly providing a global solution. We are excited to continue to offer our successful Managed Secure Private Cloud throughout the EMEA region.” Mike Weber, President & CEO at ISCorp.


Wentworth Computers will now be able to offer their software fully as a service. This partnership is indicative of ISCorp’s commitment to providing a technological advantage for ISV’s to transition to the SaaS model.

June 15, 2021 -- Private vs Public Cloud? What is best for my organization

From the desk of an ISCorp Senior Infrastructure Architect…


What is the cloud?


As a business professional in a technology related field, buzzwords are commonplace.  One of the greatest is “The Cloud”.   What exactly is “The Cloud”?  Originally, computers were often centralized, in either a single datacenter, or as a single set of components often called a ‘mainframe’.  As computing power increased, and sizes shrunk, computers moved from massive datacenters, and on to desktops.  Technology leaped again, and connectivity of those systems ushered in the era of ‘Networks’.  Further advances in telecommunications moved us into a ‘network of networks’ architecture, otherwise known as the ‘Internet’.  Datacenters became collections of smaller systems, and not just a few, often being comprised of hundreds if not thousands.  Linking these vast computing resources together over the “Internet” became commonplace, and as such, “The Cloud” was formed:  An interconnected set of computing resources, joined through advanced network connectivity to facilitate information, business, and other related activities.  By running your application on the ‘Cloud’ you run your application in a remotely connected set of systems either hosted at a public datacenter, or a private institution.


When seeking a “Cloud” provider you have the choice of either utilizing a “Public” provider of computing resources, or a “Private” host.  There is a significant difference between the two.


Public Providers:


“Public” cloud providers are accessible computing resources and storage that is made available to whomever can pay.  Heavily virtualized and shared resources are made available at low prices, to entice you onto their platform.  They often also provide a number of ‘build your own’ type services, which can offer a lot of features to an organization, which might not have the localized resources to build or manage.  In addition, they partner with other software vendors, whom they also run on their platform or have a business partnership with (often with revenue sharing agreements).


While these providers can often be found for low initial prices, they are known for certain revenue mechanisms… Often times these systems are heavily monetized, as managing a datacenter and resources is a complex and expensive affair.  Systemic resources are ‘monetized’ by charging based on number of machines, by CPU and by Memory allocation and through metered resources (such as network bandwidth, IP address, Disk usage etc.)   They are also heavily virtualized, at so many layers, it can be difficult to determine if the computing capacity is actually available for use, or if it’s just a ‘target’ that might be possible if you happen upon a system that is currently unused.


Public providers heavily utilize ‘standardized’ components, which don’t allow for much customization, as a means of keeping growth high to facilitate as many customers as possible and achieve any revenue targets.  They also use tactics, such as charging for bandwidth “out” of the datacenter, or proprietary technologies, as mechanisms to help keep you locked into their ecosystem and make it more difficult for you to leave (the fabled “Hotel California” technique).  They also tend to be known for their ‘surprise’ billings, due to metered resources that change constantly, or change pricing depending on the ‘tier’ you might have achieved through utilization.  They do their absolute best to make it easy for you to get onto their platform and everything in their power to prevent you from leaving.


Private Providers:


“Private” cloud providers are similar in that they provide resources to customers but are often much more customized.  They are often geared towards particular business verticals, offering specialized resources to certain industries which might have less commonplace needs (i.e. Financial, Government, Education, Scientific, etc.).  In addition, they can be sometimes hard to find.  In many cases, they host various services or vendor applications for both private and publicly facing institutions, giving those customers the spotlight whilst quietly existing in the background facilitating their customer requirements.


Most private providers also offer a number of various flexible services and facilities.  Since their goal is structured more around making their customers successful (rather than growing as a function of their own means), they tend to be flexible with both different type of services offerings, how those offerings are managed and importantly: Billed.  While private providers can often cost more than public organizations, what you trade in cost is flexibility, specialized industry services, and customization to just your specific business needs.  Certain cloud providers like ISCorp have flexible billing mechanisms and contracts, so that rather than charging for an ever-changing set of resources or utilization, a more measured and structured approach can be taken.  This allows your business to concentrate more on how to grow your customers, instead of having to figure out what your next billing cycle might look like.


Not to mention, most private vendors offer ‘privatized’ resources.  These are resources which are dedicated to your business alone, instead of being shared by other customers.  This can be a significant advantage for those customers that have contractual, legal, or compliance requirements which can often be difficult to facilitate on a ‘shared’ set of resources or architectures.   And that’s just the beginning.  Want a mixture of co-located and managed services?  Private providers like ISCorp can customize the resources around your needs and have partnered with such industry vendors such as the Arnett group to deliver datacenter relocations services to make the process as painless as possible.  Want managed services surrounding not only your systems, but your applications and customer service?  ISCorp has you covered.  With a 24×7 helpdesk team, network operations group, and on-staff application, system, security, and database administration staff – we have personnel who will help you find the best possible means to get your business to where you need to go.

June 9, 2021 -- SYSCOM Managed ERP Providing Customers Peace of Mind

Time to focus on business!

Syscom and ISCorp have teamed up to provide a breath of fresh air for executives wanting to focus on their business rather than just IT. Having launched their “Managed ERP” on the ISCorp managed secure private cloud they have started providing a solution that contains critical differences aimed at helping business grow or adapt in changing times.

Of course, the ERP solution needs to be capable of doing the job, but that’s just part of the challenge (Says John Ewing of Syscom). What people are telling us is that they need flexibility and predictability in the solution. It must adapt to how their own business is running. Our “Managed ERP” does this because of the unique nature of working with the ISCorp cloud. One example is how they do billing. Rather than having a focus on charging for every possible element they got to know us and were able to create a per-user billing method. This means we can do the same. The result is a flexible and predictable product. Even better, when compared to trying to do the same on public cloud vendors like AWS, Azure or Google the costs are lower to us and in turn to our customers. We have also been comparing the Managed ERP approach to traditional on-premise costs. When TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is evaluated, our Managed ERP is again better value.

Adrian Abbs (ISCorp-EMEA) said. It has been great working with Syscom and establishing something that benefits everyone involved. ISCorp has been providing its unique solution from before the cloud was called the cloud and has a proven solution that allows Independent Software Vendors like Syscom to innovate in the market. ISCorp cloud has essentially all the benefits of the public cloud but provides a complete solution rather than a toolset for companies to have to manage themselves.

Finally, we have an ERP solution where the focus is on what it can do for the business without the constant worry about, security, infrastructure, backups, patching, staff turnover and the other myriad things that are normally associated with managing a product.

Contact us to find out more.

April 26, 2021 -- ISCorp Partners with Arnett Group to Deliver Data Center Relocation Services

Arnett Group’s DCR Service will offer ISCorp Colocation Customers a smooth transition to the state-of-the-art ISCorp Facilities


MILWAUKEE, April 26, 2021 – Choosing a colocation partner and facility can be a stressful endeavor, especially when the time comes to make the move. ISCorp has strategically partnered with Arnett Group and their proven track record of Data Center Relocation services to assist in all aspects of moving into ISCorp Colocation Facilities.


“We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with ISCorp, another Wisconsin based leader in the technology industry. Our collaborative approach from an on-premise customer to Data Center Relocation to Colocation at the ISCorp facility is built to be as controlled as possible. For organization’s looking to make the move out of maintaining their own data center, our new partnership is built upon making it as easy as possible.” Scott Arnett, President, Arnett Group.


Arnett Group has a tried-and-true process for their DCR services that minimizes the potential risk of disruptions and allows an organization to complete a data center move with peace of mind for all critical business matters and/or data losses.


“When selecting our Data Center Relocation partner it was imperative to find an organization with the same approach to security and commitment to continuous improvement as ours. At ISCorp we know Data Security best practices are changing each and every day, that is why we partnered with Arnett Group. Similar to ISCorp, security is at their core and together we are able to offer a seamless process of data center relocation into our state-of-the-art facilities.”

Mike Weber, President & CEO ISCorp.


ISCorp’s facilities service 30 of the top 50 Financial Services Institutions in the United States. Rooted in the financial services industry ISCorp’s colocation solution has been proven to be a reliable, secure and cost-effective solution built upon unparalleled services and protection. The partnership with Arnett Group will provide prospective Colocation customers with a comprehensive plan from decision making to execution to on-going maintenance and support, with a member of the ISCorp and Arnett Group teams at every step of the way.




Arnett Group has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Providing the best IT services and solutions available in order to help their customers achieve the strongest competitive edge. Arnett Group aims to streamline IT systems across the nation in an effort to make computer systems easier to maintain and use. Arnett Group is a registered trademark of Arnett Services Group.


ABOUT ISCORP (Integrated Systems Corporation)

Integrated Systems Corporation is a minority-owned and privately held provider of turnkey custom design colocation and managed secure private cloud services. Since its inception in 1987, ISCorp has been helping business entities put focus back on their business and not on IT.

April 14, 2021 -- Syscom PLC Partners with ISCorp as their Preferred Cloud Provider

This partnership will provide Syscom customers with a Managed Secure Private Cloud Solution built jointly by the Syscom and ISCorp teams designed with the end-user at the forefront.


LONDON/MILWAUKEE, April 14, 2021 – ISCorp announced today that they have been chosen as Syscom PLC’s secure cloud preferred partner. This decision by Syscom was heavily influenced by ISCorp’s one of a kind Managed Secure Private Cloud offering that will provide a turn-key solution for Syscom customers across the globe.


“With the markets moving more towards Hosted and Managed ERP’ facilities, than ‘On premise’ we wanted a proven and trusted platform to not only host our own ERP suite in a highly stabilized,  cost effective and secure environment  but to be there should our Microsoft Dynamics customers seek to take advantage of Private Hosting.  ISCorp fulfilled this requirement ten-fold making it a very simple decision for Syscom and a natural choice.” John Ewing, Director at Syscom PLC.


ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud was built to provide end-to-end service that incorporates every aspect of delivery – from database administration to SaaS enablement, security, compliance, disaster recovery and more. Syscom now has the technology enablement partner that will allow them to evolve their operational models to capture new revenue streams and better service their existing customers.


“ISCorp is thrilled to partner with Syscom.  Their commitment to long-term partnerships is in perfect alignment with ISCorp’s mission.  For 30+ years we have been helping Independent Software Vendors in their transition to SaaS.   We have every confidence that we will help Syscom achieve and exceed their go-to-market goals by providing a reliable and secure platform for their journey to SaaS.  I am certain Syscom will be our next joint success!”  Mike Weber, President & CEO at ISCorp.


Syscom will now be able to offer their product in a fully managed cloud environment hosted by the ISCorp team in the ISCorp Tier III+ facilities. The solution is built hand-in-hand with the Syscom and application aware ISCorp teams to deliver a scalable, secure, compliant, and highly available solution for all end users.




For over 40 years Syscom have been experts in delivering ERP software for manufacturers, distributors and service management. Syscom PLC authored ApparelX and ERP8 business software solutions.

ABOUT ISCORP (Integrated Systems Corporation)

Integrated Systems Corporation (dba ISCorp) is a global provider of custom design and managed secure private cloud services.  Born out of the Financial Services industry in 1987, today ISCorp has global reach and deep expertise across a number of industries.

March 29, 2021 -- EFI Radius User Group Webinar on ISCorp Managed Secure Private Cloud Hosting Option

EFI’s Radius User Group March Webinar featured ISCorp’s VP of Business Development, Tim Roloff providing an interactive presentation on ISCorp’s cloud hosting solution for EFI’s Radius suite.

If you would like to watch the session again or share with your team check out the recording here.




Print industry leaders rely on EFI’s Solution Suite to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information for more profitable business management.  However, you will need a stable, reliable, and secure IT platform to ensure success.


ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud hosting services offers a turn-key, cost-effective, private cloud hosting experience that exceeds industry standards and guarantees a positive user experience.

Want to learn more about ISCorp hosting your database in the ISCorp Managed Secure Private Cloud?

(UPDATED) February 26, 2021 -- COVID-19 Corona Virus Impact Update

[Updated 2/26/2021 11:32 AM]


The global pandemic will continue to have implications on organizations big and small, and far and wide for years to come. As a private cloud service bureau platform provider we continue to operate to best service the needs of all of our customers. These trying times have made our commitment to Put Focus Back on Your Business, Not IT.™ much more than just a tagline, but our mantra.


Our top priorities continue to be the following:



ISCorp is well positioned to provide uninterrupted business support, as we have adapted to remote work for much of our staff, we have continued our 24/7 continuous proactive monitoring and aggressive security protocols to provide the best experience from software developer to end user. In addition, the ISCorp datacenters, which are geographically diverse, are designed and tested regularly to run in a “lights-out” capacity.


The role of cloud computing has been evident in how all organizations have continued to operate in these trying times. At ISCorp our “skin in the game” approach through, Turn-Key Onboarding, dedicated Product Managers and our relationship/experience with the software partners’ applications continues to showcase how we are Cloud Made Easy™ for our millions of end users across the globe.


About ISCorp
Integrated Systems Corporation (dba ISCorp) is a minority owned and privately-held, US-based provider of custom design, managed private secure cloud services. Born out of the rigorous requirements of the financial services industry in 1987, today ISCorp has global reach and deep expertise across multiple industries.

June 18, 2020 -- TEEC/ISCorp Partnership Helps European ISVs Find an Easy Path to the Cloud

New partnership with ISCorp will accelerate, optimise, and de-risk the journey to SaaS & PaaS– enabling ISVs to unlock new revenue streams, lower support costs, and serve customers better. Click Here to Download the Press Release.

Learn more about our newest partners TEEC.

TEEC and ISCorp announcement