ISCorp Expands Footprint In Europe With New Facility in Amsterdam

November 8, 2022

AMSTERDAM – ISCorp is thrilled to announce our continued global expansion. Entering a new facility in Amsterdam, Netherlands giving ISCorp greater flexibility and coverage within the European Union to continue to service customers in the region.

ISCorp has continued to demonstrate the same commitment to its customers for the last 35 years. As ISCorp customers grow and expand the cloud option follows, reaching new locations with the same connectivity, security and compliance.

ISCorp continues to be uniquely positioned to meet the many security and compliance demands of even the most stringent industries. By expanding the global footprint ISCorp continues to embrace new and updated security policies and procedures that have upped our commitment to compliance and continues to make us a leader in this space.

“We are very excited to continue our growth and share with our customers and prospects our commitment to them, their products and most importantly their end users. Our physical growth will provide us an additional competitive advantage when comparing the ISCorp Managed Secure Private Cloud to the large commodity cloud options. We are excited to showcase the positive impact this has on our customers and I am very appreciative for our entire global team for their impact on our strategic growth plan.” said Mike Weber, President & CEO ISCorp.