Since 1999, ISCorp has been delivering Progress-based services. Today ISCorp’s Managed Private Cloud Platform supports thousands of production Progress OpenEdge databases. Our partners’ OpenEdge based applications service over 3 million end users globally. As Progress’ designated application hosting partner, we are proud to carry the distinction of Progress “Service Provider” Partner.

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TEEC, headquartered in Newbury, United Kingdom, has been providing secure hosting and services for over two decades. As our Europe, Middle East and Asia hosting partner, TEEC has provided a boots on the ground presence during our expansion. TEEC’s unique secure private cloud commitment aligns well with the ISCorp core product of a full service cloud offering. This joint partnership serves as the root of our international commitment to be able to better serve our customers.

ISCorp is proud to partner with PCS: IT & Consulting to work jointly on specific managed service requests for a variety of our partners. Much like ISCorp, PCS has demonstrated a long history built of services built on customer service, providing 24/7 IT services all the way up the stack. ISCorp partners with PCS as we share the same end goal of allowing our joint customers more time to focus on their business and less on IT. Learn more about how ISCorp and PCS together can help cloudify your organization.

Build.One is the premier Modernization partner. Build.One is a ready-to-use development platform that includes all the necessary frameworks, components, and tools you need to get started quickly. Save time and resources by avoiding the need to build everything from scratch.