ISCorp Private Equity Practice

Leveraging more than 35 years as a leader in secure, compliant managed private cloud and managed services solutions, ISCorp has formalized a practice devoted to the unique needs of Private Equity firms focused on software and technology M&A activities.

Already deeply experienced in servicing private equity acquisitions, rollups, and carve-outs, the ISCorp team is now working directly with PE firms up-stream from targeting and diligence through acquisition, technology capture, modernization, enhanced security, compliance, and enhanced profitability, ultimately to de-risk and accelerate time to market.

Cloud and Software Experts with Private Equity Experience

ISCorp’s technology teams have decades of experience providing fully-managed secure private cloud and managed services offerings to leading software vendors and thousands of customers in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and education industries.

Already servicing highly-scaled software products across financial services, healthcare, education, and manufacturing in private equity owned software firms, ISCorp brings years of experience with the unique requirements of the acquisition of an operating software company.

More than just service providers, ISCorp’s teams operate as an extension of your team, acting as experts in providing the secure and compliant infrastructure needs of software vendors in some of the most security and compliance restricted industries.

Whether a single acquisition, software rollup, or carve-out, ISCorp has worked with PE firms across many scenarios and know the requirements of speed, knowledge, and optimal execution that comes with each.

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ISCorp collaborates with the PE partner and the software firm’s technology teams, up-stream at the due diligence phase, leveraging its technology and software expertise to evaluate the target across multiple technology risk factors.  ISCorp then develops plans, budgets, timelines, and potential mitigation and optimization opportunities across technical and commercial threads enabling better acquisition target value, post-close planning, timelines, improved budgets, and more accurate costing.


Knowledge gained during the due diligence phase enables more accurate strategic technology, commercial, and go-to-market approaches and requirements post-close.

Technology Strategy – Leveraging pre-close due-diligence for detailed post-close planning, modernization requirements, and data-capture migrations.  Cloud opportunities.  SaaS delivery models.

Commercial Strategy – SaaS Enablement, pricing and marketing strategies, sales and financial models.  SaaS billing meters, recurring revenue.  Accelerate time to value.

Go-to-Market Strategy – Leveraging ISCorp’s experience, build out market strategies and pricing mechanisms to accelerate adoption and time to market.  SaaS opportunities.  Open new markets.


ISCorp works in an integrated fashion with its dedicated client technology teams, operating as an extension of their technology, compliance, and security resources. For its PE partners, this enables rapid transition to post-close implementation of technology requirements and seamless continuation of the acquired company’s core roadmap, reducing post-close technology risks.

As an industry leader in secure, managed private cloud services, our PE partners and their portfolio companies can leverage ISCorp’s enterprise infrastructure, security, and compliance profile to rapidly capture and migrate IT and software operating services, minimizing business disruption and accelerating time to market.

Management & Operations

Our PE partner portfolio companies leverage ISCorp’s ongoing fully-managed, secure, and complaint managed services via our experienced and dedicated 24/7 teams of systems, security and compliance experts. ISCorp’s enterprise facilities in the US, UK, and EU enable portfolio companies with customers in these territories and also rapid expansion for those whose businesses grow in these directions.

Ongoing throughout ownership, ISCorp’s teams work continuously to optimize portfolio company infrastructure usage and requirements, enabling exacting focus on software operating costs and expenses, driving EBITDA for the portfolio companies and our PE partners.

Industry Specialties

The highest compliance and security practices are a part of each ISCorp solution and built into every relationship. Regardless of what level or specified compliance your software product needs ISCorp either already has or will achieve it on your behalf.


Customizing managed secure private cloud solutions for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.


Our HIPAA compliant platform protects millions of health records.


Custom managed secure private cloud solutions tailored to each software’s end users for some of the largest Manufacturing ERP’s in the world.


Thousands of school districts around the world rely on ISCorp to keep their student and financial records secure and accessible.






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