ISCorp NOVA Cycling

From 2003 – 2019 ISCorp Nova Cycling was a central figure in the Women’s Professional Cycling scene. Amassing over 40 tour victories across North America highlighted by back-to-back National Championships in 2015 and 2016.

ISCorp Cycling started as a non-profit project by ISCorp founder & CEO Mike Weber alongside his wife Katie Weber, what started as a passion soon became one of the most dominant Women’s Pro Cycling Teams of the late 2010’s. Throughout the 15+ year existence the same principals which have built ISCorp into the Managed Secure Private Cloud provider it is today, were at the core of the success found on the road and atop of the podium for 300 different professional cyclists.

Interested in purchasing an updated Team Kit?

As an ode to our past and commitment to our future, new ISCorp kits modeled off of our National Championship runs from 2015 & 2016 with an updated twist are available for purchase!

We have partnered back up with our long time kit suppliers, Borah to provide the highest quality kit at the manufacturers price. There are multiple kit and jersey options for the average weekend rider to the most hardcore roadie, if you have any questions please reach out to Diego Rios (

Podiums were a habit…

Team Mission

The ISCorp cycling team was formed with a clear vision to not only excel in the world of competitive cycling but also make a lasting impact on our local community. Recognizing the power of sports to inspire and unite, we came together with a shared mission to promote health, well-being, and inclusivity through cycling.

The foundations of the Cycling team were a direct reflection of the ISCorp Managed Secure Private Cloud business, built on the core principles of people, process and technology. We recognized that success on the road required a harmonious balance between these elements. Firstly, we invested in our people, from talented riders to our dedicated support staff, we fostered a culture of collaboration, teamwork and continuous personal growth which empowered each individual to reach their full potential.

Secondly, we prioritized streamlined processes and efficient workflows, exactly as we do with our independent software vendor partnerships. From training schedules and race strategies to logistics and team communication, our well-defined processes enabled us to perform at the highest levels year in and year out.

Lastly as we leveraged technology as a crucial enabler, employing cutting-edge equipment, data analytics, and performance tracking tools to gain a competitive edge. Just as our Software as a a Service partnership optimizes its technology stack, we continuously explored innovative solutions to enhance our race performances. By aligning the principles of people, process, and technology we were able to build a winning environment that propelled our cycling team to new heights. It is with this mindset the ISCorp core business foundation has been built and expanded upon each year.