[Updated 2/26/2021 11:32 AM]

The global pandemic will continue to have implications on organizations big and small, and far and wide for years to come. As a private cloud service bureau platform provider, we continue to operate to best service the needs of all of our customers. These trying times have made our commitment to Put Focus Back on Your Business, Not IT.™ much more than just a tagline, but our mantra.

Our top priorities continue to be the following:

Protection of the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners
Continuity of Services
Compliance with all of the CDC Guidance for Business and Employers

ISCorp is well-positioned to provide uninterrupted business support, as we have adapted to remote work for much of our staff, we have continued our 24/7 continuous proactive monitoring and aggressive security protocols to provide the best experience from software developer to end-user. In addition, the ISCorp datacenters, which are geographically diverse, are designed and tested regularly to run in a “lights-out” capacity.

The role of cloud computing has been evident in how all organizations have continued to operate in these trying times. At ISCorp our “skin in the game” approach through, Turn-Key Onboarding, dedicated Product Managers, and our relationship/experience with the software partners’ applications continue to showcase how we are Cloud Made Easy™ for our millions of end-users across the globe.

About ISCorp
Integrated Systems Corporation (dba ISCorp) is a minority-owned and privately-held, US-based provider of custom design, managed private secure cloud services. Born out of the rigorous requirements of the financial services industry in 1987, today ISCorp has a global reach and deep expertise across multiple industries.