If you are not yet concerned about cybersecurity – there is a target on your organization

Small businesses across the world are now facing a real world crisis of how they approach cybersecurity. Many for a long time have maintained a thought process of why would anyone come after us. This false sense of irrelevance in cyber security and our increasingly digital world have been the downfall of small businesses across all industries.

Regardless of what systems you are hosting on-premise, in a public cloud or through a colocation program, are you able to confidently say you feel fully secure? This is where ISCorp steps in. A majority of small businesses rely on one or a small handful of ERP and other systems for the core of their business functions. Downtime of these systems reflect revenue loss, reputational damage and potential cyber extortion. ISCorp has built partnerships with some of the leading ERP systems in the manufacturing, education, financial services, government and healthcare industries that are solely focused on end user experience.

End user experience to ISCorp means much more then the look and feel of the system feeling the as the software was intended to be consumed. While that is important, the number one concern for ISCorp as the hosting partner in the relationship is the security behind the system that can assure a lack of downtime, increase customer satisfaction and lead to accelerating revenues.