This holiday season be prepared when your family calls on your for tech skills

At ISCorp we pride ourselves on being leaders when it comes to protecting our customers. Our world class private cloud offering enables customers worldwide to feel peace of mind when accessing their systems. If you find yourself sitting at the family table looking for some SAFE topics this holiday season, check out what ISCorp’s leading security team had to say about best practices for personal use.

First off, what do people need to know?

Hackers have access to your Internet leftovers, so do not reuse passwords across apps/systems/websites/devices/ANYTHING.

What can you do to help thwart this issue?

  • Use very long and complex ( better if randomly generated) passwords.
  • Store them in a password manager, and always use MFA if available.

Do you recommend any Password Manager Tools specifically?

  • This should be on the top of everyone’s holiday gift list this season. Some great examples include: Password1, LastPass, Keeper, DashLane – most even have free subscriptions!!

Why does this help?

  • According to Microsoft the volume of password attacks has soared to an estimated 921 attacks every second.
  • At least one in five people are using identical passwords across multiple websites/apps, many of which store sensitive information.

This makes your leftovers useless to hackers, except of course for the compromised site they pulled it from. As always ensure best practices, passwords should in the least be generated through password managers, randomly and lengthy generated passwords are best, and multi-factor authentication is now a must as a second security step.

Have a safe Turkey Day and don’t let the bad guys gobble up your leftovers!!