As more ISV’s choose ISCorp’s cloud, it seemed a good time to ask them to rank the reasons why ISCorp over Azure, AWS, Google etc. Here are the top 5 results.


Shifting Focus – Simply being able to focus on development and sales rather than worrying about managing the IT came out as the number 1 reason to go with ISCorp.


Security – As ISCorp comes from the FinTech world their default stance in this critical area removed their day-to-day concerns about implementing and managing security compliance.


Removing the noise – Whilst public cloud suppliers are focused on squeezing every last drop of revenue from every conceivable event that happens during hosting. ISCorp is focused on what the end client wanted. A fixed simple billing metric that included everything that is needed for the application to work.


Provision of a Managed Services – not just some self-managed tools. A key difference has appeared between the public cloud, which offers tools to complete a solution and the ISCorp cloud, which provides managed services to ensure the solution is always delivered.


End-user SLA’s – ISCorp were able to offer end users SLA’s not infrastructure SLA’s. The key difference is what ISV’s can guarantee to their clients.