Syscom and ISCorp have teamed up to provide a breath of fresh air for executives wanting to focus on their business rather than just IT. Having launched their “Managed ERP” on the ISCorp managed secure private cloud they have started providing a solution that contains critical differences aimed at helping business grow or adapt in changing times.

Of course, the ERP solution needs to be capable of doing the job, but that’s just part of the challenge (Says John Ewing of Syscom). What people are telling us is that they need flexibility and predictability in the solution. It must adapt to how their own business is running. Our “Managed ERP” does this because of the unique nature of working with the ISCorp cloud. One example is how they do billing. Rather than having a focus on charging for every possible element they got to know us and were able to create a per-user billing method. This means we can do the same. The result is a flexible and predictable product. Even better, when compared to trying to do the same on public cloud vendors like AWS, Azure or Google the costs are lower to us and in turn to our customers. We have also been comparing the Managed ERP approach to traditional on-premise costs. When TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is evaluated, our Managed ERP is again better value.

Adrian Abbs (ISCorp-EMEA) said. It has been great working with Syscom and establishing something that benefits everyone involved. ISCorp has been providing its unique solution from before the cloud was called the cloud and has a proven solution that allows Independent Software Vendors like Syscom to innovate in the market. ISCorp cloud has essentially all the benefits of the public cloud but provides a complete solution rather than a toolset for companies to have to manage themselves.

Finally, we have an ERP solution where the focus is on what it can do for the business without the constant worry about, security, infrastructure, backups, patching, staff turnover and the other myriad things that are normally associated with managing a product.

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