ISCorp Launches Dedicated Private Equity Specialty Practice to Formalize Existing Services for PE Partners in Consulting, Diligence, Re-platforming, and Business & Technical Transition to SaaS Before, During and Post-close ISV Acquisitions.

By leveraging ISCorp’s managed secure private cloud and extensive PE partner experience, Private Equity firms enhance their ability to maximize acquisition opportunities, profits and drive ROI goals year after year.

MILWAUKEE, January 10, 2023 – ISCorp announces the creation of a new Private Equity Partnership practice that will elevate the company’s current involvement throughout each step of software M&A. ISCorp has many years partnering with PE firms and corporate M&A teams at all steps of the acquisition process, and has now created a dedicated internal department specializing as a technology resource partner throughout the intent, diligence and acquisition period and ongoing operating life cycle.

“We have had the pleasure of working with ISCorp from beginning to end of the acquisition process. The technology capture, migration, and modernization were completed without a hitch, no downtime and increased our capacity and security at the same time. ISCorp has a proven track record and now through a dedicated practice the acquisition transition for many organizations will be smoother than expected.” CTO, OnCourse Learning.

ISCorp has been creating custom managed secure private cloud solutions for customer systems more than three decades. ISCorp has deep experience guiding customers through plenty of transitions and acquisitions of their own, and partnered with large organizations acquiring or investing in the software products themselves. This experience enables ISCorp’s dedicated PE Practice to provide expert services to our partner firms through all phases of the M&A process enabling deeper technical insights into risk, modernization, Saas and Cloud enablement, and post-close capture and integration.

“We’ve been close partners with clients and private equity owners for many years.  Our new dedicated PE Practice group formalizes decades of experience and expands our ability to serve current and new partners helping them to gain critical insights, understand technical and security issues earlier, and to have detailed roadmaps and budgets before close.” Mike Weber, President & CEO at ISCorp.


ABOUT ISCORP (Integrated Systems Corporation)

Integrated Systems Corporation is a global provider of turn-key custom design, managed private secure cloud services. Born out of the financial services industry in 1987 today, ISCorp services millions of end customers globally across multiple industries.