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Fast. Smart. Connected.

ISCorp… Uniquely qualified to service your Progress needs.

Since 1999, ISCorp has been delivering Progress-based services. Today ISCorp’s Managed Private Cloud Platform supports over 1400 production Progress OpenEdge databases. Our partners’ OpenEdge based applications service over 3 million end users globally. As Progress’ designated application hosting partner for North America, we are proud to carry the distinction of Progress “Service Provider” Partner.

ISCorp is a Proud Service Provider Partner

As a Service Provider partner designation, we are uniquely qualified to service Progress-based software partners and end users. We are fully-equipped with Progress OpenEdge DBAs on staff, and over 60 years combined OpenEdge experience.

Call us. We can help you accelerate your Progress-based business.

Ready to take your application to the next level with the cloud experts at ISCorp?  Reach out and give us a call today.