OE12 & PASOE Cloud Testing Environment

Moving to a new version of OpenEdge and having to upgrade your Appserver can be scary. Let ISCorp be your soft-landing for an OE12 and PASOE provisioned cloud environment to test your business application.

The OpenEdge 12 release series provides the technical foundation to facilitate your application evolution effort. allowing your development team to be highly productive as they build and deploy applications.

The Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge is an efficient, highly-scalable, secure and standards-based application server requiring fewer system resources and easing installation, configuration and management. This innovative technology helps you bring your application into the future by modernizing experiences and limiting security vulnerabilities.

The ISCorp Approach

ISCorp is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in your move to the latest OpenEdge application server. We’ve been working with Progress technologies since 1995 and have the resources and expertise for you to trust testing your application in our hosted private and managed cloud.

Let us show you, ease your way into an upgrade with a 60 day test environment trial hosted and managed by ISCorp.

Key Advantages of Cloud-Based Testing


  • Increase or decrease resources fast
  • Adapts to frequently changing business requirements


  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • No equipment, maintenance or upgrade costs

Properly Configured

  • ISCorp knows the environment and will work with you to custom fit


  • Application can be ran and tested on all possible devices
  • Cloud-based testing provides all configurations

Improve Teamwork

  • Include DevOps in your workflow
  • Better collaboration between developers and testers

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