OpenEdge Pro2 Cloud Target

With OpenEdge Pro2 data replication you create a channel for transferring Progress OpenEdge data into a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or a target OpenEdge database for efficient reporting and analysis. As your data is updated, it is replicated to your desired database in near real-time. With your Progress OpenEdge database and target databases virtually in sync, you can use your third-party reporting solutions for up-to-date reports and business intelligence.

The ISCorp Approach

ISCorp’s team offers decades of experience in Progress, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.  We are a perfect match for a Pro2 target as we  have 20+ years of experience in working with Progress. Once configured by the Progress Professional Services team and ISCorp, there is very little else that needs to be changed.

Benefits Include

  • Trusted team to support your reporting and analytics target database
  • 24×7 support

By leveraging Progress OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), OpenEdge customers and partners can deliver low-latency, near real-time replication of that data to support not just traditional descriptive analytics, but also predictive analytics, AI-driven decisions, and time-sensitive IoT events

How Does it Work?

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