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ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud


ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud Solutions are built on the foundation of ISCorp’s people, processes and technology. Managed Secure Private Cloud Solutions are engineered to specifically address the needs of the School District by bundling the necessary span of technologies and skill sets for application support into one product. This includes all of the hardware, software, staff, and infrastructure required to deliver each application.


[qode_accordion][qode_accordion_tab title=”Turn-Key” title_tag=”h4″]The application delivered as-a-service so you can put focus on the business, not on IT[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”High-Touch” title_tag=”h4″]The look and feel of an extension of your team rather than just a hosting company[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Application Aware” title_tag=”h4″]At ISCorp we are cloud experts AND we know the Skyward product[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Skyward Concierge Service” title_tag=”h4″]24/7 Dedicated ISCorp team working hand-in-hand with Skyward architects to deliver the applications[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Secure” title_tag=”h4″]24/7 Security Activated Mitigation and Response Team[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”End User SLAs” title_tag=”h4″]SLAs guaranteeing the end user experience, not just the IT widgets[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Experienced” title_tag=”h4″]20+ years experience hosting Progress OpendEdge and Microsoft SQL based applications[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Trusted” title_tag=”h4″]95% Customer Retention since our inception in 1987[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Cost-Effective” title_tag=”h4″]Significantly more cost-effective than on-premise or commodity cloud services[/qode_accordion_tab][/qode_accordion]


As the security, integrity and availability of customer data is ISCorp’s highest priority, ISCorp maintains a comprehensive information security program. ISCorp follows information security standards set forth in ISO/IEC 27002;2013. ISCorp’s formal information security policies and procedures have been written in accordance with these standards. No matter the size of the schools, ISCorp provides the same level of security and care when handling client confidential, employee, student, and personal information. In order to ensure a comprehensive information security program, ISCorp undergoes annual SSAE18 audits, HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI reviews, and has regular vulnerability testing completed.

[blockquote text=”“We have confidence knowing our Skyward systems will always be online and will work offsite if needed. Not to mention, Skyward updates are done by ISCorp, meaning we no longer have to do software or server updates.” Staples Motley School District IT Director” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#1e96ce”]

Hundreds of school districts trust ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud Solution

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Put Focus Back on Your Business, Not on IT