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Our Senior Leadership Team


ISCorp is a team effort. Seasoned, knowledgeable professionals from multiple disciplines provide continuous support to each and every one of our clients – and their customers.

From ensuring each of our Tier III data centers are 100% available to developing custom private secure cloud environments, our team is on top of every task to ensure your data is in good hands.

Senior Leadership

ISCorp’s Senior Leadership has over 50 years of combined industry experience. Their backgrounds and years of private cloud management experience have propelled them into top leadership positions.

Beyond their exceptional adeptness in their professional fields of expertise, these knowledge leaders exemplify our operating principles of integrity, ethics, and diligence.


Mike Weber

President & Chief Executive Officer

Scott Rodenhuis

Senior Vice President - Financial Services Technologies/CISO/DPO

Tim Roloff

VP - Business Development

Jeff Zillner

Senior VP – Business Development

Carie Cieslewicz

Senior VP – Finance, Administration, and Compliance

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