ISCorp offers INxSQL customers a turn-key Managed Secure Private Cloud hosted option featuring everything from installation, performance, security, upgrades, data backups, and disaster recovery. ISCorp’s solution constantly evolves and adapts to keep customers on pace with changing business, technology, and security requirements.

Server provisioning, configuration, and management, Operating Systems patching and updates

Provide and manage the network infrastructure necessary to host the Software.  Managed firewalls, load balancers, multiple internet connections, performance support, client VPN implementations.

24/7 Security Active Mitigation and Response Team.  Provide and maintain ISO-based security layers (Network Intrusion Detection, External vulnerability scans with CISSP review (CISSPs on staff), Managed Host Intrusion Detection, DDOS Protection, System hardening). The effectiveness of the controls in operation is audited annually as part of ISCorp’s SSAE18 process.

24/7 Systems Monitoring and Alerting

Provide fully managed backups (retention schedules, off-sites, etc.) Managed data backup protection services in 2 physical locations.

Provide a fully managed DR program to support a 12 hour Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a 24 hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

100% facilities uptime

Base level database administration services (dumps and loads, maintenance, etc.) included across both MS SQL and Progress OpenEdge databases.

Data stored in US-based facilities

24/7 Client Help Desk support made available to the Client’s team.


The ISCorp INxSQL Cloud Hosting pricing is intentionally made simple and predictable. Pricing follows the INxSQL Licensing meter and is on a per licensed user basis. No surprise fees, no catch. ISCorp won’t invoice until a month or two before you go live.


Accessibility and Availability

By hosting INxSQL Software in the private cloud, it becomes accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows for increased productivity and the ability to work remotely or on the go.

Scalability and Resource Management

Cloud hosting offers scalability, enabling you to easily adjust your resources based on demand. As your business grows you can scale up or down your computing resources without the need for infrastructure investments. This ensures optimal performance and maintains cost-efficiency.

Reliability and Redundancy

ISCorp offers the most robust infrastructure with the highest availability and redundancy located out of our very own Tier III+ Private Data Center facilities. This is guaranteed to minimize downtime and ensure continuity for your business operations.

Security and Data Protection

ISCorp takes the same approach to security and compliance required by the top global banks hosted on the ISCorp platform as it does for INxSQL end customers. Security and compliance have been at the core of the ISCorp Managed Secure Private Cloud Solution since inception.

Cost Savings

Hosting INxSQL in the cloud can provide cost savings and unmeasurable peace of mind. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for upfront hardware investments, ongoing maintenance costs, and the dedicated IT staff required for managing the infrastructure.

Software Updates and Maintenace

Automatic software updates are included and down so by the INxSQL ISCorp team to assure uptime. This ensures you are always running the latest and greatest version of your INxSQL software.

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