Class Experts Group recognizes the advantages of ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud over AWS

The Situation

Class Experts Group was struggling to find a cloud provider that was cost-effective and one that could work directly with their team to create customizations that were suited for their business. It quickly emerged through an outside consultant with knowledge of ISCorp, that ISCorp would be the ideal fit for an organization looking to make the move from a public commodity cloud to a managed private cloud option.

The Challenge

Class Experts Group was searching for a cloud provider that first and foremost was cost-effective, secondly, they wanted a solution that could be self-sufficient and work with their team. The ideal solution offered customization and flexibility. Class Experts Group made the decision to go cloud after evaluating the costs associated with hosting on-premise. Between server costs and security they were unable to find an on-premise solution that could grow with them. This led Class Experts Group to initially go with public cloud provider, AWS. They quickly learned that the public cloud architecture model was not built for CEG’s fast-pace install and customization needs. This led CEG to search for an alternative cloud partner that would provide a custom-designed solution with a dedicated team for their organization.

“I would absolutely recommend ISCorp to those searching for a new cloud provider. The combination of being very responsive and addressing challenges both timely and efficiently have eased our day-to-day operations like never before.”

Anya Verkhovskaya, Class Experts Group

The Result

When comparing public to private cloud providers and the different managed services offered, CEG quickly learned what made ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud offering so unique. ISCorp became an extension of the CEG team. With dedicated access to a 24/7 team of systems, security and compliance experts, ISCorp provided CEG with the tools and the service to have a completely custom-designed solution built and managed for their business.

For those considering a move to the cloud, check out the different options included with each service. ISCorp’s Managed Secure Private Cloud has been built to be a cost-effective alternative for organizations that are looking for a cloud partner, not just a cloud provider.