1 Developer’s Dream

Secure a free safe development environment for up to 6 months free for all of 2024 if you go to production in the first 6 months.

2 Client Perks

Enjoy complimentary daily Air-Gapped backup between our European locations throughout the entirety of 2024 for your production environments.

3 Enhanced Security

Avail yourself of free centrally managed Anti-Virus protection on all VMs deployed within our cutting-edge European data centres, ensuring robust security for your projects.

4 Progressive Progress Development

Explore the transition from OpenEdge version 11.x to 12.x at zero cost, courtesy of free virtual machines provided by us.

5 Streamlined Version Control

Benefit from a complimentary development environment if your production setup resides within our reliable hosting.

6 Gold Standard Services

Elevate your operations with our Gold pack services, where VM costs are waived, focusing solely on service pack charges throughout 2024 and December 2023.

7 Exclusive ISV Offer

For ISVs choosing ISCorp before the end of March 2024, enjoy up to 60% off on VM costs for your clients throughout 2024, with the flexibility to onboard multiple clients and relish this holiday bonus. FYI. You can even combine this with any other two offers.

With such great offers there must be some limits. So, if you’re a consultant or developer you can choose any three offers from offers 1 to 6.

These limited-time offers are designed to fuel your innovation, fortify your infrastructure, and support your growth. Reach out to us before December 24th to seize these incredible opportunities and bring a festive boost to your projects this season. A simple email will do to secure your offers.

Let’s make this holiday season not just merry but also remarkably productive for your endeavors with ISCorp’s tailored Black Friday offers. Connect with us today to discuss how you can benefit from these exclusive deals!

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