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With headquarters near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ISCorp provides world class Private Secure Cloud Services to customers across the Nation and around the World. ISCorp can customize a private cloud to meet your company's needs.


  What Makes ISCorp Different?  Product Benefits

Our value goes far beyond just application services. We help you solve the bigger strategic issues to deliver results faster and more efficiently than ever before.


ISCorp Private Secure Cloud Service solutions evolve and adapt to keep you ahead of changing business, technology and security requirements. Our specialized expertise in building private secure cloud products gives you instant access to the latest capabilities with little to no overhead. This allows you to focus your time and resources on strategic initiatives.


Unique Characteristics:

  • Specializes in building private secure cloud products with ISV partners
  • Participates in the ISVs’ sales process
  • Supports the customer experience
  • Advocates the ISV Partner's product
  • Selects a limited number of ISV partners
  • Continuous cloud resource management

Since our founding in 1988, we’ve earned our partners’ and customers’ trust by continually providing innovative products and services with their best interests in mind. ISCorp’s specialized expertise draws upon a broad experience as systems integrators, application architects and IT consultants in building mission-critical business solutions.


To learn more about the results you can expect from ISCorp, contact us today at (262) 240-7777 or

  • Immediate access to the latest capabilities

  • Easy to use with near zero administrative and support effort

  • Guaranteed availability

  • Low risk, pay-as-you-go cost

  • Dynamic to meet changing business requirements